shelton johnson

Shelton Johnson, Ranger, Yosemite National Park

“The underserved children in America suffer from what John Muir called ‘beauty hunger’, an innate spiritual, psychological, and physical craving for the sublime, the transcendent, that cannot be fully satisfied by any human craft or invention.
Our kids hunger for something they’ve never tasted, a soul food that cannot be found in any city or town.
“In our national parks, our children discover what was lost. By breathing deep in a forest they can truly experience respiration. By watching the light of mountains they can fully experience sight. By listening to birds waking the world at dawn they can begin to comprehend the miracle of sound. Only when they touch the earth will they feel the depth of their own nature.
“This is how they become human beings. This is how we save the world.”

Shelton Johnson, Ranger, Yosemite National Park, as of 2010. As of that year, he had worked in Yosemite for 17 years of his 24 year career. He began his career in Yellowstone National Park in 1987.

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