Acadia National Park

The National Parks Promotion Council is now open to membership.  Individuals, businesses and organizations who become members of the National Parks Promotion Council help keep the national parks considered by potential park visitors, but they also benefit directly by getting access to research findings of the NPPC at no additional cost, by receiving highlighted identification in NPPC promotional communications (such as announcements of Fee Free Day offers), by having the opportunity to elect NPPC leadership, by receiving News From the NPPC, promotional offers and programs, by being able to participate in NPPC committees and network with other national park-related marketing, communications and research leaders, and by being able to identify themselves as a member of the National Parks Promotion Council.  Membership varies from any donation from $25 to $99 for non-voting Associate membership, $100 for individual membership, $500  for an organization under 10 employees, $1,000 for an organization over 10 employees, $5,000 for a large organization with multiple locations (including state tourism offices) and $10,000 for sponsorship membership (includes board seat).  For more information about membership email

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