The Task Force on Travel and Competitiveness (established by Executive Order in January by President Barack Obama and led by Commerce Secretary John Bryson and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar) has released its report which establishes “an overarching goal of increasing American jobs by attracting and welcoming 100 million international visitors and their $250 billion in spending by the end of 2021.  The promotion of National Parks will be essential toward accomplishing that objective.

The report declares that the United States can achieve the objective by:

  • Promoting the United States,
  • Enabling and enhancing travel and tourism to and within the United States,
  • Providing world-class customer services and visitor experience,
  • Coordinating across government, and
  • Conducting research and measuring results.

Toward those ends, the report specifies that travel and tourism must be a priority and directs Federal agencies to “immediately begin developing detailed implementation plans.”   National Parks, and other public lands managed by the Federal government, will receive the most attention.  This will involve new and reinvigorated public-private promotional partnerships.

Never in our country’s history has so clear a direction to take immediate action toward travel promotion been articulated.  To read the entire report, click on this link: National Tourism Strategy

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