The heritage, environment, culture and aesthetics of the Sierra Nevada come together in a new map and guide for the Sierra Nevada, released today by the National Geographic Society, the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and the Sierra Business Council.

The new “Sierra Nevada Geotourism Map Guide” is both an interactive website ( and a print map.  The greater Yosemite National Park area comprises the first of four Sierra Nevada regions that will appear on the site.

What’s different about “geotourism” guides is that they focus upon genuine experiences and places recommended by locals and that most directly benefit local economies and cultures.  Often, these places lack national brand identity, though what they lack in recognition they make up in authenticity of experience, like the Happy Burger or Butterfly Cafe in Mariposa, Calif. along the western route to Yosemite National Park.

This is the fourth geotourism map guide from National Geographic.  Previous geotourism sites were created for California’s Redwood Coast, Greater Yellowstone and Oregon and Washington’s Central Cascade region.

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