It’s All About Stewardship: Delaware North’s Kalaloch Lodge Reduces Environmental Impact, Surpasses Goals

Since being awarded the concessionaire contract at Kalaloch Lodge in Washington’s Olympic National Park in 2012, Delaware North Companies Parks and Resorts (DNC) has made a significant impact in reducing both water usage and waste generation. In fact, they’ve surpassed the goals they set for themselves and continue to be an industry leader in stewardship pursuits.
Initially, the goal was to reduce water usage by 40 percent by 2020.  So aggressive and immediate were their efforts that they reached this goal in 2013 and revised the 2020 target to 50 percent! Installing low-flow showerheads in rooms and in the Lodge’s kitchen dishwasher and sprayer instantly helped.  Awareness and training initiatives for the public and employees included launching a linen-reuse program, placing timers in all showers, and reinforcing water conservation principles via training and signage. Additionally, Kalaloch Lodge joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense H2Otel Challenge in early 2014. The Challenge encourages lodging businesses to “ACT” by assessing their water use, changing water-wasting products or processes, and tracking the results (

Waste reduction efforts have also been commendable. This goal was also aggressive: Zero Waste by 2020, with an incremental goal of 40 percent diversion by 2014.  Within ONE year Delaware North took the solid waste diversion rate from 5 percent to nearly 50 percent—diverting nearly 31 tons of waste from landfill.  How? Well, Kalaloch Lodge had to develop their own systems and processes—because of their remote location on the Olympic Peninsula. Here’s just a few of the creative tactics employed to achieve their quick results:
•    Purchased a trailer for the self-hauling of recyclables to Forks, Wash.
•    Partnered with local farms and a correctional facility to divert over 20,000 pounds of organic waste from the restaurant to be used for animal feed or converted to compost.
•    Installed an oil filtering system in the kitchen, which extends the oil life by 40 percent.
•    Recycled over 800 gallons of kitchen waste oil to be converted into biodiesel by a local vendor.
•    Donated 1,700 pounds of glass bottles to a local resident who repurposed this material as home insulation.

In addition, Delaware North staff engaged their visitors and area residents in waste reduction recycling efforts.  They adopted a two-mile stretch of beautiful Hwy. 101 and collected 45 bags of trash over four outings.  They added public and employee recycling bins and made sure they were all “well signed.”  And they hosted a “Clean the Beach” event culminating in a BBQ feast for over 300 volunteers.

Kalaloch Lodge has been recognized as a Gold Green Leader on TripAdvisor, an Energy Star Partner, is Green Restaurant certified, and is ISO 14001 registered.  Their commitment to Stewardship is evidenced by their impressive strides achieved in water and waste reduction at the Lodge. And, throughout the remainder of 2014, the Lodge will remain diligent, focusing on guestrooms, operational recycling, organic waste collection from employee housing, and improved communication efforts. They continue with their active Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) practices (supporting local, regional and sustainable products) and are proud to share their sustainable standards and inspire other concessionaires:
•    60 percent of all food is sourced locally during the growing season.
•    30 percent of all food is sourced locally during the winter.
•    All wines served are from Washington State.
•    60 percent of retail merchandise is USA-made.
•    20 percent of retail space is dedicated to local Native American tribes.

NPPC is proud to congratulate our partner Delaware North on these remarkable accomplishments!

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